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Maltese Group in Germany(#230) (2001-02-14)
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Subject: Maltese Group in Germany

Date: 14 Feb 2001 20:48:18 -0100

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Cologne, 14. February 2001

Hi everybody,

Everybody is talking on why this site so inactive is. I propose we start

sending some news about Maltese abroad. I am going to start with a group in


I am a Maltese living in Cologne and married to a German since 25 years.

There is a community in Bonn who meets about 2 or three times in a year.

Now, the Maltese population has been reduced because the Maltese Embassy has

moved to Berlin.  We still met in Christmas and had a Dinner in Bonn. The

person who holds everything in his hands and  always tries to organise

Meetings is Father Gaffiero who has the Parish Church in Bonn-Tannenbusch.

We also hold a Maltese meeting in Summer with a holy Mass in Maltese and

German and afterwards there is Lunch where everybody has to get a dish (

Maltese or German etc.).

Last year  I got to know the importer of Farsons and Marsovin in Germany. It

was so nice to find a German and there are a lot of  them that love Malta

and are often on the Islands. Two years ago a trio from Mellieha came to

give us a visit and sing some Maltese folklore (Ghana) I hope that is


We are always happy to have any Maltese living in Germany or surroundings

Belgium, Holland etc to  contact us and see if we have any information about

Maltese living in the area.

I personally would like to get in touch with Maltese who are living abroad

and how and where they are living.

By the way to everybody happy Valentines Day

This I hope is a good start to help alt.culture not to be so inactive

Martin Anastasi

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