Author Topic: Does anyone know a woman named Perla?(#188) (2001-08-08)  (Read 827 times)


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Does anyone know a woman named Perla?(#188) (2001-08-08)
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Subject: Does anyone know a woman named Perla?

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Dear reader!

I am trying to find relatives of a Maltese woman called Perla.

Knowing that I started with an impossible action I hope that anybody is able to help me with finding some relatives of Perla.

Name: Perla, born November,03 1978 in a little village near Valletta. Her length is 165 cm, she has long dark hair and looks pretty.

She has also lived in that neighbourhood until one year ago. Then she left to work in Belgium. I know that one grandmother, both parents, one sister (25 years old and married) and two brothers are living in Malta. I know Perla and I should like arrange a surprise for her birthday, so I cannot ask Perla, because she should also know the surprise.

Is there anybody who can give me some address, family name, phone or email, so that I am able to contact her relatives? If you cannot help, please let me know if you know another way to find her relatives.

Thank you very much in advance.

Please give any reaction to the following email:

[email protected]

Ronald Vissers



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