Author Topic: Re: *scm* will Malta join the E.U. soon ?(#172) (2001-07-29)  (Read 870 times)


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Re: *scm* will Malta join the E.U. soon ?(#172) (2001-07-29)
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Subject: Re: *scm* will Malta join the E.U. soon ?

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C.Meli wrote:


> Chip wrote:

>  > will Malta join the E.U soon ?

>  > any info will be appreciated

>  >


> A date of 2004 was mentioned by the EU but I believe there there

> are other things which have to be fixed before Malta is allowed to

> join namely the environment.. e.g the St Luke’s chimney and incinerator

> have got to be removed and replaced.


There are no encumbering Foreign territorial claims which might delay

this process?

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