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Re: Living in Malta(#259) (2001-10-19)
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Blackbeard <[email protected]> wrote in message

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> I want to live in Malta, I was over there for a holiday a few months

> ago.

> I need to work, so what is there available ? I drive Artics in the UK

> at the moment but there are not too many Artics going about Malta :-)

> I know Malta will probably be part of the EU next year so what are my

> chances ?


> all e-mails replied to.

I have an friend, a UK Citizen, living and working on Malta but he is

married to a Maltese Lady which of course enables him to get a work permit.

They are permanent residents on the Island now having lived in England for

some time.   He tried various jobs including working as a diver on fish farm

(not recommended) and the only way he found to get a UK wage in the Maltese

Economy was to do just as you and drive Artics.   Although he works for an

Island based firm he spends a month at a time driving around the continent.

He does not enjoy leaving his family for so long but the pay is good.

Another friend, UK Citizen, but long time resident in Canada teaches English

as a foreign language and is presently in Barcelona.   He wants to live in

Malta and I was with him when he visited several English Language Schools in

Malta enquiring about job prospects.   To summarise he was basically told no

chance unless you are Maltese.   This was not an official policy apparently

more a practical one.   So he is looking forward to Malta joining the EU but

I am still not convinced it will happen.

Safe diving or in your case driving

Eric Clarke

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