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Re: *scm* Re: Living in Malta(#261) (2001-10-19)
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On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, ericdv wrote:

> Another friend, UK Citizen, but long time resident in Canada teaches English

> as a foreign language and is presently in Barcelona.   He wants to live in

> Malta and I was with him when he visited several English Language Schools in

> Malta enquiring about job prospects.   To summarise he was basically told no

> chance unless you are Maltese.   This was not an official policy apparently

> more a practical one.  

I am curious about this point.  Are you saying that local institutions

prefer to hire Maltese nationals over non-Maltese nationals in general?

(I am not saying this is a bad thing; just asking to make sure I


Also, when you say "no chance unless you are Maltese," does that include

foreign-born Maltese as well?  I am curious whether persons of Maltese

descent – born in the US, UK, Canada or Australia to Maltese immigrant

parents and thus eligible for dual Maltese citizenship – can expect the

same treatment when looking for work in Malta.


Judge Muscat

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