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Re: *scm* Re: Living in Malta(#262) (2001-10-20)
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> On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, ericdv wrote:


> > Another friend, UK Citizen, but long time resident in Canada teaches


> > as a foreign language and is presently in Barcelona.   He wants to live


> > Malta and I was with him when he visited several English Language

Schools in

> > Malta enquiring about job prospects.   To summarise he was basically

told no

> > chance unless you are Maltese.   This was not an official policy


> > more a practical one.


> I am curious about this point.  Are you saying that local institutions

> prefer to hire Maltese nationals over non-Maltese nationals in general?

> (I am not saying this is a bad thing; just asking to make sure I

> understand).

My experience related to the English Language Schools only although one of

the persons we spoke to did say this was a general thing unless the ‘other

nationality’ had some skill which was in short supply in Malta.   In a

country the size of Malta I think this is no bad thing.   I should say the

way I summarised the situation makes it sound as if we were treated rather

harshly.   Nothing could be further from the truth we were treated very

courteously and the the advice was given to save my friend from ‘wasting his


> Also, when you say "no chance unless you are Maltese," does that include

> foreign-born Maltese as well?  I am curious whether persons of Maltese

> descent – born in the US, UK, Canada or Australia to Maltese immigrant

> parents and thus eligible for dual Maltese citizenship – can expect the

> same treatment when looking for work in Malta.

This point was not uppermost in our minds but the impression I gained was

any Maltese Passport Holder would be treated as if they lived on the Island.

Safe diving

Eric Clarke

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